#Gangavaram Port provides school infrastructure along with note books & Stationery to students

Visakhapatnam, 23th August 2016:  Gangavaram Port Limited today provided school infrastructure along with note books & Stationery to the school students at neighbouring village of Gangavaram Port.  As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program Gangavaram Port provided tables, chairs, cupboards, racks & sports kits to the children’s to sit in the class rooms along with tables and chairs for the use of students and teachers.

Also Gangavaram Port distributed note books & stationery to 400 students in Gangavaram High School, for 150 students in Gangavaram Elementary School and for 100 students in Pallepalem (Gangavaram Village) Elementary School in Pedagantyada Mandal.  These facilities were provided with an objective to promote education in the neighbouring villages and create a healthy environment for the students.

According to Gangavaram Port Management, “It’s our endeavour to strengthen the education infrastructure in Vizag by providing basic facilities to schools. It’s a step for improving the ecosystem which enables proper education & sports for school students. We are committed for the development of our neighbourhood and will continue to support similar initiatives for creating a stronger society.”

The distribution of Note books, Stationery, chairs & benches were done in presence of Sri K Rajaratnam Naidu, Sr Vice President (Security, R&R), Sri LPS Ramu Naidu, Vice President (Liasoning & Security), Sri M Gopal Rao, AVP (HR&IR) , Sri S V Ravi Prasad DGM (HR&IR) along with other staff members from Gangavaram Port.